Momentum Consulting

Client: IT Out Tasking

Category: End-to-End Solutions

Location: USA

The problem
The company Momentum Consulting Group, established in Miami, needs to increase its information technology workforce under a nearshoring model, in order to meet the demand for specialized services in digital transformation in the North American market.
The result
A nearshoring service model has been implemented for the company Momentum Consulting, to cover specialized analysis and software development profiles in cloud technologies, UX/UI, data analytics, among others. The foregoing through the recruitment of human resources selected under criteria of technological mastery, soft skills and B1 level of English.
Momentum Consulting Group has managed to satisfy its workforce needs with differentiated rates with the level of technical quality required by the North American market.
Used technology
Software development tools for cloud computing, UX/UI, DevOps, data analytics, databases, Microsoft Azure.