ILO Actuarial Models

Client: ILO

Category: Data Engineering and Data Science

Location: Switzerland

The problem
Predicting the long-term behavior of social security systems on the payment of pensions and insurance is a priority for the well-being of populations worldwide. Each country has different demographic characteristics and many do not have sufficient resources for adequate future planning and to be able to take corrective measures in advance. It seeks to provide a tool that covers this need for the member countries of this organization.
The result
Grupo Asesor developed software tools that allow various demographic and financial projection scenarios to be carried out in the field of social security on the payment of pensions and insurance, through mathematical models and the application of actuarial principles.
The ILO Social Protection Office now has a globally accessible web platform where institutions from around the world can project and assess their pension systems, social security and aid programs in terms of profitability, financial sustainability and demographic coverage, among other variables.
Used technology
A multi-country and multi-language system was developed, using a combination of technologies integrating a database model, Python data science libraries, .Net, Microsoft Azure cloud services, microservices approach, among others.