Bowen & Bowen

Client: Bowen & Bowen

Category: Process Improvement

Location: Belize

The problem
payable process of the consolidated companies Bowen & Bowen requires a set of validation and approval activities, most of these activities are carried out manually or via email, appearing rework, lack of visibility that increases the Effort required for monitoring increased operating costs and hindered financial management.
The result
Grupo Asesor has collaborated with the B&B team in the transformation of the accounts payable process articulated with Office365 technology, ensuring the quality of the information, adjusting the value chain of the process and providing visualization and monitoring tools for the processes.
The availability of accurate, quality information in real time allows B&B to achieve its financial management objectives, allowing the team to empower the process and tools, while establishing the principles of agility in the organization.
Used technology
Technologies were used that allowed the system to be developed from the infrastructure and functionalities available, from the licensing of Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. In addition, the Design Thinking and UX tools.