Portal of Work Centers

Client: Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social

Category: Digital Renewal

Location: Costa Rica

The problem
The Occupational Health Council (CSO) of the Ministry of Labor has the mission of "Promoting the best Occupational Health conditions, through the definition, design and promulgation of public policies aimed at providing workers with an environment of decent, safe and competitive work, in labor harmony, in an environment of inclusion and non-discrimination, in accordance with their physical and psychosocial capacities in pursuit of a better quality of life".
To facilitate its work, the CSO needed to implement a platform based on information technologies that would enable the reporting and consultation of information (eg accident rates) that comes from the commissions and occupational health offices throughout the country, allowing the creation of a database of national data for the issuance of public policies and development of projects to promote or improve the occupational health of workers.
The result
The Advisory Group together with the CSO team designed and built the Work Center Portal (www.pct.go.cr) achieving a digital transformation in the procedures of the offices and commissions of all work centers nationwide. Through this portal, the physical presence for the registration (reports) of occupational incidents and illnesses (work flows, digital signature) was eliminated and, in addition, a national data warehouse was created that will allow obtaining analytical information (indicators and reports) on workplace accidents at the national level.
The Portal of Work Centers (PCT), due to its technological facilities, is managing to form the National Registry of Occupational Health, constituting an analytical tool for the issuance of public policies and development of projects. The PCT is under a gradual process of adoption with information from more than 740,000 workers, more than 7,800 work centers and more than 4,000 registered company names.
On the other hand, the PCT has fostered a rapprochement between the CSO and the companies, by streamlining the procedures associated with the registration of accident information from companies, institutions, and social organizations in Costa Rica. Standardization of information records has been achieved through official data catalogs on occupational health. In addition, the Portal has been provided with the necessary connectivity to verify the updated information with the National Registry, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. All of the above generates the information base to provide an extensive public consultation of statistical information through 34 business intelligence reports, which highlight aspects of economic activities, occupational groups, institutional sectors, accident rate, gender, age and geographic location.
Used technology
The Work Center Portal has been built with the Grupo Asesor development FastWork framework, based on Microsoft technologies, enhanced in the visual part by Bootstrap Material Design. The data warehouse, fed by transformation packages that obtain information from the transactional database (SQL), for the generation of statistical reports through Power BI. The PCT is implemented on a Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.